MC Server Changelog

Next Server Maintenance: Friday 14th January 10:00am - 10:30am


- Updated core server

- Reduced server startup from 3.8s to 2.1s through streamlining mod loading

- Removed badly optimised datapack which caused physics issues.

- Reduced item lag for merged drops

- Modified garbage collection timing to reduce RAM usage and increase TPS when busy

- Nerfed "impossible" entities

- Disabled FelineObstruction (Obsolete checking feature)

- Optimised compression for data packets (Uses more bandwidth at network level, but fixes resource allocation)

A ticket has also been raised with the host for additional modification at the root level, to potentially enhance the server further.

Bedrock compatibility is disabled until February 2022 while we monitor additional performance metrics.


We have identified a memory leak caused by a error in server software, which is made worse by our configuration.
During our maintenance on Friday 7th we will be temporarily disabling Bedrock compatibility while we patch the memory leak, Bedrock connectivity will remain disabled until February as we roll out additional resources to the server. We do apologise for the stability issues that have occurred over the last few days


  • Quality of life improvements for better performance
  • Stability monitoring now enabled
  • Auto-restart on server crash/hang enabled
  • Dynamic loading of entities fixed