1. Newcastle Meets minimum attendance age is strictly 16+ when at the Venue, however public portions of the meet, such as the Fursuit Walk, are open to all ages.

If you are attending the meets for the first time, staff reserve the right to challenge your age, and you will be requested to present photographic ID, acceptable ID includes ; driving license inc. Provisional, passport or a government ID card showing the pass mark, verified Yoti app, you can show this ID to a member of meet staff, who will have Staff Lanyards.

Alternatively if you know someone who is in attendance, who can vouch for you, this is also acceptable. The ID/Vouch requirement is to ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of all our members, as well as the venue liability

2. It is illegal for attendees under the age of 18 to purchase or consume alcohol at the venue, it is also illegal for attendees to purchase alcohol for underage attendees.

3. Food and drink that from outside the venue is prohibited when inside the venue. Please either consume or put-away any food or drink you may have brought. 

An exception to this is bottled water that is provided by Staff for use on fursuit walks. 

4. Please respect attendees and their property, please do not touch fursuits unless invited to do so

5. No Fetish Wear. Collars (without leads) and Suit harnesses are permitted.

6. Photography is permitted within the Venue, but is prohibited around attendees who are changing in or out of fursuit. Please respect any requests by attendees if they ask you to see and/or delete a photo/video.

7. As of April 12th 2022, the requirement to take a covid test prior to attendance has been removed.
As such, tests will no longer be provided at the meet, attendees are welcome to test themselves at home prior to attending if they so wish however.

Please exercise common sense when attending and if you feel unwell for whatever reason, please do not attend.

We want to keep the meets as open and friendly as possible, and we welcome anyone to come join if you are a fellow fur, fur friendly or even just curious.

If there are any issues or questions at all, please get in touch with one of our admin team, by clicking on the staff tab.