September meet date!

Good evening all, 

 Some of you may have been wondering about the next meet date, we are happy to announce the next meet date is Saturday the 11th September at Bar Loco, starting at our usual time of 12. 
The reasons for this date are that on Sunday 12th, there is a football match and The Great North Run happening.
I hope you can understand why we would want to avoid such a busy day. 
The 11th was also chosen as the 4th and 5th have a large portion of the admin team unavailable due to prior commitments. 
Regarding Covid, there will be tests provided at the meet if you are unable to test yourself beforehand, please let a member of staff know if you need help with your test. 
Please be sensible and test yourself either the night before or the morning of the meet. 
As always there are a few rules to follow: 
1. Keep polite and respect to attendees and the venue 
2. Respect other peoples opinions in regards to social distancing and personal space 
3. No outside food or drink to be brought and consumed at Bar Loco 
4. Venue space at the meets is 16+ but any suit walks are not age restricted   
We hope to see you all there!